Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5. This year we will continue to build upon the fantastic

work the children have already done throughout their time at St.Joseph's. 

We strive to have high standards and provide the children with exciting

learning opportunities that both engage and enthuse them.

To find out more about learning in Year 5, please see our class newsletter

and the curriculum page of our website.

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Mr S Ingham


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Mrs J Hulme

Teaching Assistant




Throughout the year, we will be teaching about Revelation, The Church, Celebration and Life in Christ. We aim to engage and equip our children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and belief to be good citizens within the local and universal community, drawing inspiration from Divine Revelation, including the whole world around them.


English will be taught through the use of high-quality, language rich texts. Across the year, these will include:

Autumn One: Where Once We Stood (C. Riley and M. Impey)

Autumn Two: FArTHER (G. Baker-Smith)

Spring One: Hound of the Baskervilles (A. Conan-Doyle)

Spring Two: The Promise (N. Davies)

Summer One: The Lost Book of Adventure (T. Keen)

Summer Two: King Kong (A. Browne)

Throughout each unit, the children will be given the opportunity to explore and write both fiction and non-fiction texts. 

We’ll also be working hard to widen our knowledge of grammar and how to use a range of punctuation accurately.  We’ll continue to follow our spelling programme, which will include bringing some spellings home to continue memorising the patterns. 



In Maths, we will continue to develop the children's skills in arithmetic, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. This will be a feature of each topic throughout the year. 

Through this approach, we aim to secure mastery of the Year 5 Maths curriculum before the children move into Year 6.



 Class Notices

Accelerated Reader

Children are to read their book at home each night (for at least 20 minutes). Once they have read and understood their book, they will take a reading quiz in school. Please keep up to date with your child’s reading record online.

Times Table Rockstars

Every child is able to log on to this website from home, which is a fun way to help children practice their times tables.​


PE takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

To ensure maximum lesson time the children are invited to come into school in PE kits on these days. No jewellery is allowed.

* Please note that our curriculum for this year is slightly different to that stated on the Curriculum Map. This is due to changes in the way History is being taught across the school. This year, instead of Ancient Greece and Local History, we will be learning about The Vikings and Ancient Egypt.