Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to year 3. Years 3 is a special year when the children will be relied on to show how they’ve become more sensible and responsible now that they are ‘developing’ Juniors.  We have some exciting things to learn together, so it’s time to get plenty of sleep in order to grow our brain healthily. Don’t forget to bring in a water bottle every day too!  Mrs Hulme will always be ready to help.  Please do see one of us if you need any help. 


Catholic children in year 3 also start their sacramental journey. In the summer term, we will be learning more about the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion.

For more information about learning in Year 3, please see our class newsletter or the Curriculum page of our website.

Mrs L Harvey




Throughout the year, we will be teaching about Revelation, The Church, Celebration and Life in Christ. We aim to engage and equip our children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and belief to be good citizens within the local and universal community, drawing inspiration from Divine Revelation, including the whole world around them.



As children are more confident about paragraph structure, along with sentence development and application of technical vocabulary, they will experience writing of a more formal nature.  Our grammar content has some more tricky aspects such as apostrophes to master and widening our range of adverbial choices.


Children will start writing with a view to performing their writing. This aspect of their work is having an impact on word choice, sentence structuring, punctuation and coherence (flow). By presenting their work aloud, the children are more readily able to improve their work in some way because of the way it sounds.


Each week we will present our ‘Handwriting’ award. To earn this, children are regularly challenged to improve their presentation. The children understand that sometimes it may be necessary to re-write a section of work to demonstrate they are making adequate progress and showing a consistent effort.


Underpinning so much of the curriculum is speed and recall of times  tables, so please continue with plenty of practise. TT Rockstars has pre-set schedules for each child depending on their need. This is reviewed as their accuracy improves. 


Children will carry out mastery tasks to ensure they can apply strategies unaided and there will be problem solving lessons to build reasoning and logic skills such as working systematically.


Mrs J Hulme

Teaching Assistant

Class Notices

Things to remember

Home reading books should come into school every day so that they can be  changed regularly at lunchtime.  


TT Rockstars will help with times tables so you can move places on our weekly leaderboard.


A water bottle only please and not cordial.


Reading Quizzes take a quiz regularly.   



Times tables provide a solid base in Mathematics.  By the end of year 3 all chilldren should know the 3x, 4x and 8x tables by heart

The Sacramental Programme is the means by which baptised Catholic children can complete their journey into full membership of the Catholic Church.


Baptism is the first of three Sacraments of Initiation. The gift of God's Holy Spirit which the children received in Baptism is strengthened in the Sacrament of Confirmation, and they complete their initiation with the reception of first Holy Communion - a public declaration that they are now fully a part of this community, this "Communion" of God's family. The programme itself strives to help them grow into this community, and feel a real sense of belonging to the wider Family of God.


The Sacramental Programme runs in parallel with the Year 3  RE Syllabus in school.   The programme involves a close partnership between the parish, the home and school.


Each part of the programme is important, as it forms a part of the child's experience of God which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We hope this will be a very positive experience, and we trust that parents will support them at every step of the journey.


Parents made a commitment when they presented their children for Baptism to support them and help them make sense of our Faith as they grew old enough to understand more and in enrolling their child for be prepared for receiving the sacraments parents and carers need to recognise the importance of giving the full programme their full support.

The Sacramental Programme