School Meals


Our children on school meals receive a delicious meal that will provide them with plenty of energy and a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fruit and veg, protein etc. prepared fresh every day in our kitchen by Ms Cording and her team.  Menus work on a three week cycle and are changed seasonally.


Meals must be ordered and paid for on a Monday.  Please pay online via Teachers2Parents.  Payment can also be made monthly, half termly or termly in advance.


Children with Food Allergies

If your child has a food allergy or a restricted diet and you would like to see if it is possible for them to have a school meal , please speak to the school office. Please see attached Allergy information from LCC.


Monday Madness or Friday Favourites

if you prefer, we offer Monday Madness or Friday Favourites.  Your child can have a school meal on either or both of these days but these have to be ordered in advance on a half termly basis, letters are sent out before the start of each half term


Packed Lunch

Children can bring a packed lunch from home, we encourage a healthy pack lunch that does not include, chocolate, biscuits and fizzy drinks.  Please click the link below for healthy lunchbox menu ideas.


Universal Free School Meals

From September 1st 2014 the government are launcing a scheme where EVERY child  in Key Stage 1 can claim a FREE school meal irrespective of household income.  We will however now need a full half terms notice if they wish to switch from Packed lunches to Meals and vice versa.



Junior children are allowed to bring a snack for morning break and it must be fruit, we do not allow children to eat chocolate, biscuits and crisps, especially as we achieved the ‘Healthy Schools Award'

in 2008.  


Children in Key Stage 1 are provided with free fruit/veg snack each day to encourage the children to try options for healthy eating they may not have experience of. The options range from apples to apricots, strawberries to sultanas, carrots to cucumbers.