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Summer 1 News

The children have grown in strength and resilience beyond measure. The seasonal walk we completed in the Autumn was quite a challenge but this term we tackled those hills and stiles with ease, spotting and naming so many wild flowers along the way.

We certainly have a very deep understanding of growing. We have watched numerous seeds germinate and re-potted all manner of flowers and vegetables. We understand the characteristics of plants and what we need to do to care for them. The children have enjoyed watching the frogspawn change into tadpoles and we wait with baited breath to

see them turn into froglets. In our Literacy we have written a diary about our runner bean and a transformational story based on The Extraordinary Gardener. We have completed Phase 4 in phonics and we are well on our way to securing all our phase 4 tricky words. In Maths we have counted beyond 10 in ones, twos and tens. We understand odd and even numbers and have continued to explore the composition of numbers. In our last week we have visited the Sea Life Centre at Blackpool and explored the beach at St. Anne's in preparation for our next topic about the Seaside. On our last Wellie Wednesday of the term we teamed up with our Y6 Buddies to paint the shed, build fences, make compost bins from pallets, turn over a patch of ground to make a wildflower bed and paint stones. On our last day we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a whole host of activities and an outside picnic.   Well done Reception.


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Mrs C Murphy


Mrs C Lingard

Nursery Nurse

Spring 2 News

So yet again the children have astounded us in their progress. We have developed so much more confidence and our super team building skills have ensured we have succeeded in achieving so many wonderful things: a house of sticks, a tepee, a new flowerbed for some wild flowers, Easter gardens to name just a few.  We can all read and many of us are using the tricky words and phonemes from phase 3 in our writing. Our Literacy focus was traditional tales and we acted out scenes from the story in our outdoor area. Finally we wrote our own version. Our Instructional writing has progressed from one word steps to whole sentences. Our mental calculations are fantastic with a good understanding of the composition of numbers to 8 along with double facts. Happy Easter everyone. 


Spring 1 News

Wow! We have certainly crammed a lot into such a short term. Our literacy focus was Superheroes which motivated us to write and inspired us to improve our shared reading skills. We have progressed to reading phase 3 reading books containing digraphs. We are taking part in The Mastery of Number project run by NCETM and have an in-depth understanding of number in terms of cardinality, comparison and composition of numbers up to 7.  During Wellie Wednesday we have been thinking of ways to attract birds to our school grounds and have made bird feeders. We took part in the RSPB bird watch and tallied our findings. We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year with food and music.  On Friday we will finish off our RE about the Local Church with a visit to St. Joseph's Church.


Autumn 2 News

So as the first term draws to a close it was with great emotion and pride that we watched the children depict the Story of the Nativity in our adaption of 'The Greatest Journey' by the Bible Society. Throughout this half term in our topic of Light Up Our World we have talked about other celebrations such as Bonfire Night , Diwali and Hannukah. We have explored colour and what happens when we mix them. We have a great understanding of number as we can subitise, compare, and talk about the parts to numbers up to 5. Here we are exploring the ways to make 4 using Number Blocks. We have begun phase 3 in our phonics and we are writing simple sentences. Amazing progress Reception.


Autumn 1 News

Mrs Lingard and I can't believe how much progress the children have made in the first seven weeks of school. We have built up so much resilience in our outdoor learning cumulating in a fantastic Wellie Wednesday with some very muddy children. We have talked about ourselves and our families. We held our first Liturgy about how special we are to God. We know our phase 2 phonemes and can blend to read. Our letter formation is amazing. Well done Reception.



At St.Joseph's we pride ourselves on making your child's transition to school fun and as stress free as possible. We offer 1-1 meetings and personal tours around the classroom 

In our gallery you can see how the children quickly settled on the afternoon of the teddy bears' picnic. Our staggered start at the beginning of this week enabled the children to receive extra fuss and attention. By the second week all the children had received a school dinner and were settled into full days.