Come And See - our R.E. Curriculum

What is R.E.?

RE is the core subject that is at the heart for everything we do here at St Joseph's.  It is about the Christian Vision of the human person.  Religious Education is the study of:

  • The mystery of God as discovered through the bible and the teachings of Jesus

  • The teachings of the Church

  • The lives of saints

  • The relationship between our life and how we live out our faith

In Religious Education we explore other faiths from around the world, we will learn about the traditions of other faiths and their symbols.

Why is RE important

Religious Education plays a vital role in our life here at St Joseph's.  The beliefs and values we will study will contribute to our children's personal development and overall well-being and we will promote mutual respect and tolerance of our diverse society.  It encourages our children to develop their sense of identity and belonging and plays an important part in preparing our children for adult life , employment and lifelong learning.  It will enable our children to develop a respect and sensitivity towards others, in particular those whose faith and beliefs are different from their own.

How is RE taught at St Joseph's

Our RE teaching is based on the Curriculum Directory for Religious Education and as a school we follow the Come and See programme.  In any faith school 10% of the curriculum teaching time is  dedicated to RE and it is taught discreetly and developmentally.  Each term children will cover 3 themes: Church Traditions, Sacraments and Christian Living, each theme is returned to over the year and explored each time in greater depth.  Here at St Joseph's our teaching focuses on the childrens understanding of theological ideas and how to apply them in their life.  We give our children ample opportunity to apply this knowledge and skills in cross curricular studies to deepen their understanding of religious truths and allow them to think creatively.  We provide our children with superb resources to immerse them in their learning and Fr Brian is a regular visitor to our school.

How can you help your child?

Encourage them to reflect on their own and other's behaviour by relating them back to Jesus' teaching.  Talk to them about what happens and what they might see when they go to Church and encourage them to ask question that explore their own understanding of the faith and the faith of others.